terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

Zephyrous (Greece) - Entrance And Wandering On The Seven Zones (1994 Demo)

1.Antiquus Gloria01:43 
2.Hidden Away from the Sun01:56 
3.The Frozen Path of Timeless Wisdom and Trance05:31 
4.The Inner Battalion of Dagon06:11 
5.Everlasting Fire05:29 
6.Endless Abysses of Black07:14 
7.Apparition of a Haunted Dance04:12 
8.Darkest Dreams04:20 
9.Sign From the Northern Darkness05:50 
10.The Gifted Empire of the Marvelous Tartarus04:44 
11.Sensations Lost in Time03:26 

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