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5ive (U.S.A) - Versus (2004 EP)

 1.Soma07:06 2.Reso-I08:46 3.Man Or Marker03:46  19:38 

5ive (U.S.A) - The Hemophiliac Dream (2002 EP)

 1.The Hemophiliac Dream - Part I22:56 2.The Hemophiliac Dream - Part II13:40  36:36 

5ive (U.S.A) - The Telestic Disfracture (2001)

 1.Stockholm (Blues)11:33 2.Nitinol05:49 3.Shark Dreams17:40  instrumental4.Synapse X 3: Sleep For The Larsen B Shelf / Telluric In Transudate / Comae33:38  instrumental 01:08:40  

5ive (U.S.A) - 5ive (2001)

 1.Burning Season09:11 2.Orange07:40 3.The Baron04:37 4.Jules Verne's Dream05:18 5.Bicycle Rider08:47 6.Cerrado11:22  46:55 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Opus Mortis VIII (2011)

 1.Regorge in the Morgue02:32  Show lyrics2.Bloodstained03:03  Show lyrics3.They Will Burn04:03  Show lyrics4.The Dead Awaken05:03  Show lyrics5.Hate in a Time of War04:06  Show lyrics6.Torturous Ingenious03:31  Show lyrics7.Forever Damned03:32  Show lyrics8.Shrouded in Darkness03:36  Show lyrics9.Combat Psychosis03:41  Show lyrics10.Requiem for the Fallen03:17  Show lyrics 36:24 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Carnage Euphoria (2009)

 1.The Carnage Rages On04:30  Show lyrics2.Serpents03:24  Show lyrics3.A Lesson in Virulence04:46  Show lyrics4.Ripe Cadavers04:19  Show lyrics5.Rage of Honour02:35  Show lyrics6.The Ravenous Dead04:31  Show lyrics7.Deadlock03:10  Show lyrics8.Rebirth of the Grotesque04:04  Show lyrics9.Possessed02:14  Show lyrics10.Great Deceiver05:25  Show lyrics 38:58 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize (2007)

 1.Eternal Trail of Corpses02:38  Show lyrics2.Scavenging the Slaughtered03:52  Show lyrics3.Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize03:45  Show lyrics4.The Burning Black05:24  Show lyrics5.Defiled and Inferior03:08  Show lyrics6.March Into Oblivion04:50  Show lyrics7.Whispers from the Dead04:25  Show lyrics8.Heresy03:27  Show lyrics9.Flesh Passion04:19  Show lyrics10.Cremation Ceremony05:22  Show lyrics 41:10 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Primal Massacre (2004)

 1.Primal Massacre03:31  Show lyrics2.Gore Apocalypse03:54  Show lyrics3.Stray Bullet Kill04:07  Show lyrics4.Epidemic (Created to Kill)03:46  Show lyrics5.Demon's Divine03:46  Show lyrics6.Autopsy Extravaganza02:58  Show lyrics7.Retaliation02:56  Show lyrics8.Condemned by Pride03:50  Show lyrics9.Cursed Revelations02:21  Show lyrics10.Chainsaw Surgery03:12  Show lyrics 34:21 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Blood Rapture (2002)

 1.Chaos Fury03:09  Show lyrics2.Hollow Retribution02:13  Show lyrics3.Blessed and Forsaken03:45  Show lyrics4.Madness Prevails03:51  Show lyrics5.Redeemed in Flames04:24  Show lyrics6.Nailed, Quartered, Consumed02:21  Show lyrics7.Eternity Appears04:12  Show lyrics8.Rotting Hill03:36  Show lyrics9.Blood Rapture05:10  Show lyrics 32:41 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Revelation Nausea (2001)

 1.Revelation Nausea03:14  Show lyrics2.The Corpsegrinder Experience04:18  Show lyrics3.Beneath the Soil04:55  Show lyrics4.Under Clouds of Blood02:40  Show lyrics5.The Art of War04:01  Show lyrics6.When Silence Conquers06:20  Show lyrics7.Chapter of Pain03:33  Show lyrics8.The Holocaust04:03  Show lyrics9.Exhaling Life03:35  Show lyrics10.9mm Salvation02:38  Show lyrics 39:17 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Redemption (1999)

 1.The Voyage05:02  Show lyrics2.Forty Seconds Bloodbath03:49 3.Forever in Gloom02:52  Show lyrics4.Heaps of Blood04:37 5.Embraced by Pain03:45 6.Redemption04:12 7.Ashes of Mourning Life (God Macabre Cover)04:26  Show lyrics8.Partly Dead04:29  33:12 

Vomitory (Sweden) - Raped In Their Own Blood (1996)

 1.Nervegasclouds05:19  Show lyrics2.Raped in Their Own Blood03:22  Show lyrics3.Dark Grey Epoch03:16  Show lyrics4.Pure Death03:11  Show lyrics5.Through Sepulchral Shadows04:56  Show lyrics6.Inferno02:44  Show lyrics7.Sad Fog Over Sinister Runes04:51  Show lyrics8.Into Winter Through Sorrow04:22  Show lyrics9.Perdition02:51  Show lyrics10.Thorns05:41  Show lyrics 40:33 

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Sorrows (Brazil) - Miseror Oceanus (Demo 2003)

1.Ocean Sorrows06:33 
2.Beauty Dark Portal02:53 
3.Running Darkness04:41 
4.Sussurrus Anounces Arrival04:39 

Necromantia (Greece) - De Magia Veterum (Compilation 2009)

 1.Family of Dog (The Feast of Ghouls)04:52  Show lyrics2.De Magia Veterum (The Dawn of Utter Darkness)10:03  Show lyrics3.Faceless Gods03:46  Show lyrics4.Evil Prayers05:00  Show lyrics5.Lycanthropia01:54 6.La Mort04:12  Show lyrics7.Lord of the Abyss07:50  Show lyrics8.The Feast of Ghouls05:33 9.Evil Prayers05:45  Show lyrics10.Lycanthropia01:44  50:39 

Split - Necromantia (Greece) Acherontas (Greece) - ... For The Temple Of The Serpent Skull ... (2008)

1.Necromantia - Magnum Arcanum12:35  Show lyrics
2.Necromantia - People of the Sea05:33  Show lyrics
3.Acherontas - The Order of the Silver Serpent (I. Invocation / II. Sacrifice / III. Rising)17:57 

Split - Necromantia (Greece) Acherontas (Greece) - ... For The Temple Of The Serpent Skull ... (2008)

Necromantia (Greece) - People Of The Sea (2008 EP)

 1.People of the Sea05:35  Show lyrics2.My World, Your Hell04:07  Show lyrics 09:42 

Necromantia (Greece) - The Sound Of Lucifer Storming Heaven (2007)

 1.The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven02:36 2.Order of the Black Sphinx05:55  Show lyrics3.For the Elder Magi: I - Eibon the Necromancer07:07  Show lyrics4.Architecture of Exquisite Madness04:54  Show lyrics5.Knights of the Black and White Eagle05:25  Show lyrics6.The Invisible Empire05:15  Show lyrics7.Hellseher05:45  Show lyrics8.Les Litanies de Satan - Act II: From Hell04:51  Show lyrics 41:48 

Necromantia (Greece) - Covering Evil - 12 Years Of Doing The Devil's Work (Best Of 2001)

***Only CD1!!***

Disc 1
1.My World, Your Hell04:07  Show lyrics
2.Death Rider (Omen cover)03:29  Show lyrics
3.The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden cover)04:56  Show lyrics
4.The Demon's Whip (Manowar cover)06:31  Show lyrics
5.Mordor (Running Wild cover)05:09  Show lyrics

Necromantia (Greece) - IV - Malice (2000)

 1.The Blair Witch Cult04:12  Show lyrics2.Those Who Never Sleep06:25  Show lyrics3.Disciples of Sophia (The Templars)05:55  Show lyrics4.Murder, Magic and Tears05:03  Show lyrics5.Invictus07:38  Show lyrics6.Malice08:07  Show lyrics7.Circle of Burned Doves05:48  Show lyrics 43:08 

Necromantia (Greece) - Ancient Pride (1997 EP)

 1.Shaman05:33  Show lyrics2.Ancient Pride05:28  Show lyrics3.For the Light of My Darkness06:07  Show lyrics4.Each Dawn I Die (Manowar cover)04:21  Show lyrics 21:29 

Necromantia (Greece) - Scarlet Evil Witching Black (1995)

 1.Devilskin05:49  Show lyrics2.Black Mirror06:30  Show lyrics3.Pretender to the Throne (Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn)05:27  Show lyrics4.The Arcane Light of Hecate04:20  Show lyrics5.Scarlet Witching Dreams05:23  Show lyrics6.The Serpent and the Pentagram05:17  Show lyrics7.Pretender to the Throne (Opus II: Battle at the Netherworld)07:50  Show lyrics8.Spiritdance06:25  Show lyrics 47:01 

Necromantia (Greece) - From The Past We Summon Thee (1995 EP)

 1.Faceless Gods03:46  Show lyrics2.Lycanthropia (Lycaon's Metamorphosis)01:40 3.La Mort04:11  Show lyrics 09:37 

Split - Necromantia (Greece) Varathron (Greece) - The Black Arts Lead To Wverlasting Sins (1994)

 1.Necromantia - Lord of the Abyss07:50  Show lyrics2.Necromantia - The Feast of Ghouls05:33  Show lyrics3.Necromantia - Evil Prayers05:43  Show lyrics4.Necromantia - Lycanthropia01:43 5.Necromantia - De Magia Veterum10:04  Show lyrics6.Varathron - The Cult of the Dragon02:27 7.Varathron - The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep07:15  Show lyrics8.Varathron - La Reine Noir06:09  Show lyrics9.Varathron - Outro00:49 10.Varathron - Descent of a Prophetic Vision03:29  Show lyrics11.Varathron - Genesis of Apocryphal Desires03:10  Show lyrics 54:12 

Necromantia (Greece) - Crossing The Firey Path (1993)

 1.The Vampire Lord Speaks...01:44  Show lyrics2.The Warlock13:35  Show lyrics3.Last Song for Valdezie05:11 4.Unchaining the Wolf (At War...)05:01  Show lyrics5.Intro00:36 6.Les Litanies de Satan09:25  Show lyrics7.Lord of the Abyss07:27  Show lyrics8.Tribes of the Moon04:14  Show lyrics 47:13 

Necromantia (Greece) - Promo (Promo 1993)

 1.Lord of the Abyss07:50  Show lyrics2.The Feast of Ghouls05:33  Show lyrics3.Evil Prayers05:43  Show lyrics4.Lycanthropia01:43 5.De Magia Veterum10:04  Show lyrics6.Faceless Gods03:50  Show lyrics7.La Mort04:10  Show lyrics8.The Warlock13:33  Show lyrics9.Les Litanies De Satan09:21  Show lyrics 01:01:47 

Necromantia (Greece) - Demo (Demo 1993)

 1.The Warlock13:33  Show lyrics2.Les Litanies de Satan09:21  Show lyrics 22:54  

Split - Necromantia (Greece) Varathron (Greece) - The Black Arts Everlasting Sins (1992)

 1.Necromantia - Lord of the Abyss07:50  Show lyrics2.Necromantia - The Feast of Ghouls05:33  Show lyrics3.Necromantia - Evil Prayers05:43  Show lyrics4.Necromantia - Lycanthropia01:43 5.Varathron - The Cult of the Dragon02:26 6.Varathron - The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep07:14  Show lyrics7.Varathron - La Reine Noir06:09  Show lyrics8.Varathron - Outro00:49  37:27 

Necromantia (Greece) - Vampiric Rituals (Demo 1992)

 1.Lord of the Abyss07:48  Show lyrics2.The Feast of Ghouls05:31  Show lyrics3.Evil Prayers05:49  Show lyrics4.Lycanthropia01:41 5.De Magia Veterum10:01  Show lyrics6.Faceless Gods03:50  Show lyrics7.La Mort04:11  Show lyrics 38:51