quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012

Mystifier (Brazil) - The Fourth Evil Calling From The Abyss (Best Of 2000)

1.Dethroning Nazarenus02:58  Show lyrics
2.Woman of a Thousand Mens' Dreams03:31  Show lyrics
3.The Evil One Invades the Earthly Paradise00:59 
4.The Supreme Power of Human Suffering02:12  Show lyrics
5.Superstitious Predictions of Misfortune03:26 
6.A Plague Spreads in the Earthly Paradise01:06 
7.Beelzebuth03:04  Show lyrics
8.Demystifier02:51  Show lyrics
9.Celebrate Antichrist Coming03:14 
10.The So-Called God Abandons the Earthly Paradise01:47 
13.Christian Proscription05:53 
14.Cursed Excruciation03:08  Show lyrics
16.Six Celestial Desires of a Virgin03:56 
17.The Almighty Satanas03:01 
18.Satan's Aberrations03:19 
19.Sataniac Lust (Sarcófago cover)03:38  Show lyrics
20.Leather and Metal (Poison cover)03:48  Show lyrics

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