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Nachtgeblüt (Argentina) - Strange Ways to Ancient Times (2005)

1.C-moll Präludium02:01
2.Walk the Path of Conquest04:24
3.Aspiring Heights04:16
4.A Lone Disdainful Proud Spirit03:23
5.Prelude in A minor for organ, violin and cello03:02
6.i - Sehr gewaltsam (nach Ulfhethnars' "A call for the rising mists")03:08
7.ii - Streng06:20
8.iii - Rondo: Lebhaft02:00
9.i - Gewaltsam04:17
10.ii - Düster01:58
11.iii - Rondo: Lebhaft02:07
12.No. 1 in D minor03:02
13.No. 2 in Ab minor01:45
14.No. 3 in D minor02:01
15.No. 4 in A minor02:07
16.Piano piece after Ulfhethnar's "A call for the rising mists"08:14
17.No. 1 in C minor for harpsichord: Alone in the Dark Castle03:42
18.No. 2 in A major for organ: A Dream of Pastoral Delights01:41
19.No. 3 in C minor for harpsichord: The Ruined Black Tower and the Endless Forest02:10
20.No. 4 in D minor for organ: The Moon, the Graveyard and the Lonesome Road02:55
21.No. 5 in D minor for harpsichord: Ghastly Vision haunting the Ivied Pile01:40
22.No. 6 in C minor for organ: The Dweller in Shadows02:15
Total playing time01:08:28

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