sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Re-Upload - Marduk - Blood Puke Salvation (2008) [DVDRip]

2 professionally filmed concerts recorded in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and
Antwerpen (Belgium), both in december 2004. Bonus features: videoclips,
photo-gallery, interviews (Morgan and Mortuus), behind the scenes footage and
rare handycam footage of the 2004/2005 Deathmarch tours.
1. Azrael 02:40
2. The Hangman of Prague 03:28
3. Burn My Coffin 04:45
4. With Satan and Victorious Weapons 03:32
5. Perish in Flames 07:14
6. Slay the Nazarene 03:12
7. Sulphur Souls 05:49
8. Panzer Division Marduk 03:14
9. The Black... 03:12
10. Warschau 04:09
11. Bleached Bones 05:46
12. On Darkened Wings 04:30
13. Throne of Rats 03:21
14. Wolves 06:44
15. The Black 03:59
16. Bleached Bones 05:31
17. Throne of Rats 03:27
18. World Funeral 03:31
19. Slay the Nazarene 03:08
20. Sulphur Souls 05:45
21. Panzer Division Marduk 03:37
22. Throne of Rats (video clip) 02:24
23. Steel Inferno (video clip) 02:43
24. The Hangman of Prague (video clip) 03:05
Total playing time 01:30:34


5 comentários:

Lenish disse...

Hey Zebu this upload also have error...I cant extract the Holland concert, the archives 2 and 4 got CRC errors...Please upload the holland part again...thanks

~v~Zebu~v~ disse...

read the tutorial on crc error, the files are all ok ...
i'm uped 2 times already because of crc error, not everyone else happens this error, download again the part that gives error but did not close the page link to the mediafire file because it decreases the speed and thus there may be some loss of packets question crc error.
most often these errors happen by packet loss at the time of download.

Lenish disse...

ok zebu will try to download those files once again...anyway thanks for the re-up

DeathAngelx13x disse...

I did what you told Lenish to do on the part 2 and 4 for it happened to me too. It didn't work man.....-_-...

Possessed disse...

las partes 2 y 4 lanzan error!!! amigo las podes subir otra vez?? la he descargado por segunda vez y me sigue apareciendo el error